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Just One Hour of Work Will Protect
Your Car for up to Five Years

(ARA) - How many picture-perfect autumn days have you spent washing and waxing your car or truck in anticipation of harsh winter weather. As you were rubbing the last bit of wax off the car, did the thought “there has to be a better way” cross your mind? But you do it anyway, to protect your vehicle’s paint from the effects of the sun’s UV rays, industrial fallout, acid rain, snow and ice. Your car is a big investment that you want to keep in good condition.

Despite your hard work, your vehicle may not be getting as much protection from the elements as you hope. Car waxes do not provide the long-term protection necessary to keep your paint looking like new. Most car waxes are made from inexpensive carnuba waxes, which melt when they get hot. Once the wax gets hot, it becomes sticky and starts attracting and holding dirt and pollutants.

“People can actually be doing more harm than good,” says Glenn Canady, president of 5 Star Technologies, Inc. His Nevada-based company sells a patented two-step polish called 5 Star Shine that uses PTFE (the same substance that makes non-stick cookware so slippery) and durable acrylic elements to create a chemical fusion that seals paint from the elements. The product is guaranteed to last five years on a new car and three years on a used car with good paint. “This is not like ordinary car waxes and polishes that simply lay on top of your paint and wear off in a few weeks,” says Canady. “It actually bonds with the molecules of your paint for unbeatable shine and protection.”

5 Star Shine uses a process called electrophoresis dynamics. First, the surface is cleaned with the polarizer before it is sealed. This opens the pores in the paint and imparts a positive charge, which attracts an anionic PTFE solution that is magnetically pulled into the pores of the paint. The open pores of a painted surface are filled with a plasticizer, which forms a barrier to prevent the penetration of any other elements. The formula plates, bonds and cross-links the PTFE molecules, producing a depth of shine, durability and protection from corrosion.

In layman’s terms, it works like this: First, wash your vehicle normally to remove all dirt. Wash again using 5 Star Shine Polarizing Wash solution. Make sure paint surfaces are dry. Apply 5 Star Shine Paint Protection coat. Wipe off. You’re done. The entire application process takes only about an hour.

In independent laboratory tests, the patented formula was checked for durability; the tests concluded that 150 car washes had no effect on the coating -- it was still protecting and beading water while a brand name car wax that was also tested failed after only 25 car washes.

“5 Star Shine’s PTFE finish is one of the slipperiest substances known to man,” says Canady. This slick coating repels dirt and keeps your car much cleaner. When washing is needed, simply rinse dirt away with a hose -- dirt, bugs, tree sap and more simply slide off the painted surface. It is completely safe on all paints, clear coats, and fiberglass gel coats. Your paint has that wet, “just waxed” look year around.

In a testament to the product’s durability, the U.S. Navy protects its on-ship Aegis radars with the product. These massive vessels travel the sea and suffer the effects of salt water and high winds on a regular basis. 5 Star Shine protects the ship’s exposed radar equipment in the harshest marine environments. “If it can withstand these conditions, just think what it will do for your car,” says Canady.

One 5 Star Shine kit will protect 250 square feet, which is more than enough for a car and even the largest SUV. It can also be used to protect boats and planes.

For more information, or to order, call toll free (866) 395-7827 or visit the company’s Web site, www.5starshine.com.

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